Serious Belviq Side Effects

The most severe adverse negative effects of Belviq is the pulmonary hypertension. It is a severe medical condition where the blood pressure of the lungs surpasses 25 mmHg when at rest, and 30 mmHg when the person is working or engaging in sports. Patients with this condition may suffer from shortness or fainting or other signs that might indicate a heart issue. Because of this, Belviq should be taken with care for patients suffering from pulmonary hypertension.

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The physical discomforts that some patients experience on Belviq could be short-lived and intermittent or. A few people may feel weak and lose muscle strength following a brief period of treatment. The muscle weakness could decrease as the body adjusts the substance. Some patients may have to lower their dosage or add an energy booster to alleviate the effects. Though most users experience adverse negative effects of Belviq however, there could be various reasons patients experience these symptoms.

The medication can affect the ability to concentrate. While this effect is not common, it could be serious. Patients taking medications that alter neurotransmission could experience confusion because they could experience an unusually high amount of serotonin. Additionally, they may experience difficulties in focusing and feel “spaced out”.

If the negative consequences of Belviq are severe the medication is not likely to work. In extreme cases the drug can affect the quality of life of an individual and could even hinder the person from achieving their weight reduction goals. The long-term use of Belviq can also cause heart problems. Certain users might not suffer any adverse side effects. People who experience these signs will probably not continue using the medication.

Anyone suffering from hot flashes might be experiencing mild hot flashes following the use of Belviq. Hot flashes can be described as sudden episodes of sweating and facial flushing. Serotonergic neurotransmission in a patient could affect the patient’s neurotransmission by Belviq since the medication affects the 5-HT2C receptors and alters the way serotonin signaling occurs in the brain. If this occurs the patient needs to contact their doctor right away.

It may be caused by an interruption in the circadian rhythm or inadequate caloric intake. Patients must seek medical attention in the event of persistent symptoms that affect sleeping. The doctor can alter dosage or prescribe an alternative sleep aid to address the issue. In certain instances, the medication could cause cancer. If you’re taking the drug for a long time you must consult with your physician.

A few Belviq users have complained of being tired all day. The drug functions as an agonist of the 5-HT2C receptor that can cause people to feel exhausted throughout the daytime. The activation of 5-HT2C receptors decreases the amount of physical activity in animals However, eliminating them boosts activity. Belviq is effective in treatment of obesity, however its adverse effects may impact the patient. The chance of being fatigued is greater for overweight individuals than healthy people.

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